Dockers & Seafarers

Maritime Roundtable 2016:
Montreal, Canada 20-23 September

MRT 2016

Maritime Roundtable 2016: The future of maritime activism

The Maritime Roundtable (MRT) 2016 took place in Montreal, Canada 20-23 September 2016.

MRT 2016 was about providing activists and future leaders with the chance to:

  • input fresh ideas and contribute to shaping the future of ITF maritime campaigns. 
  • learn how to increase union power and strengthen their unions. 
  • learn more about the ITF, the flags of convenience (FOC) campaign and dockers’ campaigns 
  • build links and share knowledge and experiences with other maritime unions from around the world. 

A participant from MRT 2016 said:

“It was an amazing week. We all have a list of new ideas to take home, we all have a list of things that resonated with us personally, we all will go home with a inflated list of contacts and friends and a new group of life long comrades. As I think about MRT 2016 my mind keeps turning to the future and its exciting. None of us want to be in struggle, but its what we do, and it's exciting to think about how we can apply all we have learned going forward. It's exciting to think of the dividends events like this will pay in time. It's encouraging to know that if the struggle comes to my door step I have comrades around the globe who will have my back and with out hesitation I will have theirs."

Use the ITF website to find out about exisiting campaigns and resources for dockers and seafarers.

You can see what happened at MRT 2016 by searching #MRT2016 on Facebook and Twitter, and see the MRT blog.

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