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Inspection and welfare, two sides of the same coin at Kandla

Under the able leadership of Mr. Manohar Bellani, General Secretary of
Transport and Dock Workers Union, Kandla, both inspection and welfare
activity go hand in gloves at Kandla.

The inspection of ships at Kandla is done by Mr. Mukesh Vasu, ITF Contact
Person and also the Jt. Secretary of the Transport and Dock Workers Union
at Kandla. During the inspections when he finds that Seafarers are in
need of welfare activities like internet, telephone etc. he directs them
to the Seafarers¹ Home, Kandla or he calls the Ship Welfare Visitors and
asks them to visit this particular ship.

And when the Ship Welfare Visitors of Seafarers' Home Kandla visit the
Ships for Welfare Activities and find that the Seafarers are having some
problems especially with regards to non-payment of salary they
immediately inform the ITF Contact Person of Kandla. And he immediately
comes on-board and meets the Seafarers and tries to solve their problems.
The Seafarers Home, Kandla which is being managed by Kandla Seafarers
Welfare Association of which Mr. Manohar Bellani is the Vice President,
which has a Welcome Banner of ITF Kandla and Transport and Dock Workers¹
Union for seafarers and for them to register their complains in the ITF
Complaint Register placed at the helpdesk of Seafarers Home, Kandla.
There are so many instances when the Seafarers came down to Seafarers
Centre looking for the help of ITF Kandla and the first question they ask
is 'IS ITF STRONG AT KANDLA'.  Quoting one of the instances few days back
on the morning of 16th August, 2012, before the doors of Seafarers Home
Kandla could be opened, we had a Seafarer from Turkey Mr. Tarik Aydin 2nd
Engineer of MV Aqua Star IMO 9000704. He was very disturbed as he had not
received his salary for the last two months and refused to go back to
ship asking for the help of ITF Kandla.

On getting a call Mr. Manohar Bellani and Mr. Mukesh Vasu, contacted
Capt. H K Sibal, Deputy Conservator, Capt. Sreenivas, Harbour Master of
Kandla Port and also the Officials of the Agent of the ship, Along with
the copy of the Complaint a Letter was issued by the Union to stop the
Port Clearance of the Ship which resulted in the Agent contacting the
Owner of the Ship. Mr. Tarik Aydin went back with the back wages to the
ship after the letter of money transfer of $7300.00 into his bank
account was given to him.The message went to the Seafaring Community
Worldwide that ITF at Kandla is strong and Kandla Port Administration
cares for Seafarers at Kandla.

There is a Best practice being observed by the General Secretary of the
Union that he maintains a very cordial relationship with the Port
Officials who support them with the issues of Seafarers at the Port of
Kandla and this is very unique at the Port of Kandla.

This spectacular work for the seafarers being done at the Port of Kandla
proves that Inspection and Welfare are the two sides of the same coin at
the Port of Kandla.

Submitted by: Joseph Chacko, Transport and Dock Workers' Union Kandla


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