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Maritime Roundtable 2016:
Montreal, Canada 20-23 September

Dockers and seafarers taking global action

Taking global action ITF union members and inspectors organised rallies around the world in major ports where BMW vehicles are shipped. This was to show solidarity with BMW car parts distribution workers in America who were facing job losses. The group worked at the BMW Ontario, California distribution plant. The workers, who were represented by the ITF-affiliated Teamsters union, were set to be dismissed and their jobs outsourced. Solidarity actions, such as information pickets, are taking place over two days on 9 and 10 August 2011 at major BMW vehicle shipper ports in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa and Thailand. ITF trade unionists are also protesting at BMW plants, dealerships and offices, in support of their colleagues in Ontario.

Using the massive influence of dockers and seafarers working together in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa, Thailand and the UK an agreement was finally reached which saved at least 70 jobs.

View a video of Maritime Union of Australia solidarity action.

Submitted by: ITF maritime operations


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