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Estonian seafarers strike over wages

Estonian seafarers strike over wages

Thursday, 16 January, 2014

The Seamen's Independent Union says there is an 80% chance of resolving the Tallink dispute.

Tallink management has tabled a new offer in its labor dispute with crew members. The ferry company says it would increase spending on payroll by close to 6 percent.

The company proposes to increase the pay fund to 3.7 million euros, from a level of 3.5 million but there is no information on how the increase would be distributed.
Word from the unions is that some substantive discussion is taking place. 
The union said it would wait for Tallink's pay fund offer to be made formally by the state conciliator and it would then call a meeting to discuss the proposal.









A one-hour strike was held this week by the Estonian Independent Trade Union of Seamen (EMSA) as a labour dispute with employers continues.

The strike on Monday concerned the wage increase to crews of vessels sailing with Estonian flags. EMSA and the ferry company Tallink, which employs approximately 1,400 of 2,000 members of the union, are struggling to come to an agreement on wage increases.

Around 150 gathered in front of the D-terminal in the Port of Tallinn on Thursday. The strike shows the determination of the Tallink staff who are EMSA members to secure an acceptable increase in their pay.

Are you from the EMSA? Let us know your experience and why you're determined to get a better deal from management.

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On January 29, Estonian Seamen's Independent Union and Tallink, with assistance of National Conciliator, reached an agreement, that secures pay rise approximately 8-10%, and additionally more 5% on shuttles at the peak season (summer). Thanks everyone for support!! Well done, union!

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