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Maritime Roundtable 2016:
Montreal, Canada 20-23 September

July 2015

Official welcome for ITF West Africa inspector

The most recent addition to the ITF inspectorate team in West Africa had his official inauguration this week. 150 brothers and sisters from ITF unions were there, as well as maritime industry and International Labour Organization representatives.

Joachim Mel Djedje Li from SYMICOM has been based in Abidjan since March.

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Why is ITF coordinator swimming the English channel?

ITF Australia cooordinator Dean Summers will be swimming the English channel later this month to raise money for charity Hunterlink which supports the mental wellbeing of seafarers and their families. Here's his latest update on the final days of training and how he's feeling about the event...

7 August

So our team is now poised at 5 days before travelling to the UK to prepare for the swim. We will spend a few days in London after which we take up residence at the Fox’s Crossing holiday house a few miles from Dover.

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